Full Circle Project exists to help us prepare our children for the future by boosting the most essential skills for tomorrow. It also shares information and provides access to those businesses in our community who offer the programs, courses and events to build these skills and to help our children thrive. Full Circle Project is:

  1. A marketplace of the best local and online activities, programs and events from future skills providers. Search all Australia’s programs, activities and event, including coding, robotics, makerspaces, design thinking, resilience training and much more

2. An information source to further explore future possibilities and navigate how to better support our children’s development to be future-ready



The way we live, learn and work is shifting dramatically. We could never have imagined the childhood our kids are currently experiencing when we were their age.

Now fast forward ten or twenty years from now and try to imagine the type of world they will be living, learning and working in.

Change can cause feelings of uncertainty especially when things seem to be changing a little too quickly! Building confidence about the future of our families will happen when relevant information is delivered and from having access to the right support.


FULL CIRCLE has been created to:

/ Help you become positively “future-curious”

/ Deliver new ideas and trends in preparing your family

/ Help you find the businesses focused on future skill development

/ Put the ‘fun’ into ‘fundamental’; encouraging new learning with the outcome being kids that are socially, emotionally, physically, intellectually and entrepreneurially ready for tomorrow

Our Story

Full Circle was designed to help, support and champion those responsible for preparing children for the future, a future that looks very different to our past. FCP will offer new and hopeful possibilities in the way we live, learn and work in the 21st Century.

Traditional systems and ways of thinking are not preparing kids adequately for the future. Australia has a flourishing network of businesses and services that are, and we want to share them with parents so that our kids can live skilled, fulfilled and authentic lives.

Let’s embrace tomorrow together!

Help put the power of the future into the hands of those who need it most, Australia’s parents!

As a business, you can join the Circle by listing now!

As a parent, you can rate and review providers you’ve tried, events you’ve gone to and competitions your kids have entered. You can like and share posts and you are encouraged to contact us with suggestions of what you’d like to read more of, or to tell us about a business that hasn’t been listed in your area yet – and should!